No, it’s not our address.

And it’s not the number of staff who work here either…

It is, however, an important day— it’s the date we launched our agency in March 2014.


An Agency That Measures Up

Here at 30&1, we’ve been known to be quite picky. That’s why we take the time to carefully hand-pick clients like you. We then assemble a team that’s perfectly suited to your needs. But not just any team. A team of big players from big agencies—winners of prestigious awards for outstanding strategy and creative. Artists at heart, but entrepreneurs by calling, and each well entrenched in today’s vibrant business culture.

So that’s how our agency measures up: The perfect blend of simplicity and audacity… playful yet rigorous.

The Team

Nataly Messarra

President and Chief Strategist

Donald Samson

Art Director

Marc-André Rivard


Jeannie Bibeau

Studio and Print Production Director

Marie-Catherine Noël

Coordinator and community manager

Anaïs Versailles

Intern Coordinator

Rupert le chat

Head of clicks and smiles