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Marie-Catherine Noël est la gestionnaire de communauté et coordonnatrice pour l'agence 30&1

Marie-Catherine Noël

Coordinator and community manager

Marie-Catherine is like a champagne bubble: buoyant and effervescent. Not only is she great company to be around, she also performs her duties with unwavering proficiency; the job is done quickly and efficiently—and always to perfection. With a bachelor’s degree in communications and a DEC in fashion marketing, Marie-Catherine has a sharp eye for the bold and the beautiful and knows just how to express it. In her role as coordinator, she provides exceptional event management services to our clients, where nothing is left to chance and where everything is well thought out and perfectly planned.

A veritable communications whiz, she manages numerous social media platforms for the agency’s clients. From Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook to others, nothing slips past her online radar. It’s what we like to call the “Marie-Catherine magic touch.”