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Anais Versaille est coordonatrice stagiaire pour l'agence 30&1.

Anaïs Versailles

Intern Coordinator

Bright, insightful and known for her thoroughness, Mélanie has always viewed the world as one big colour palette. She has a keen eye for detail and always goes the extra mile to fine-tune a project to perfection.

After working many years as a graphic designer for the Montreal Canadiens and as art director for La Semaine magazine, Mélanie now oversees all things creative and manages the most complex agency mandates.

Her boundless creativity bursts into action at the slightest client request to stand out from the competition. Go Mélanie!

With a natural radiance on the inside and out, Anaïs brings a breath of fresh air to the team. Exceptionally efficient, she divides her time between the agency and Université de Montréal, where she is actively pursuing a degree in political science. With a reputation for being a hard worker, it’s not easy to throw her off balance: she consistently adapts at the speed of light when asked to lend a hand on agency projects.

Anaïs’ ambition is matched only by her sense of calm and her undeniable charm. Which is precisely what makes her a formidable ally on the ground. From brand activation to event organization, her presence and dedication to seeing a project through to success add tremendous value to any activity. There’s nothing more to say, except—she seizes the day!