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Donald Samson

Art Director

Having initially trained as a graphic designer, Donald quickly made his mark as an art director with various agencies. Following many enriching and creative-fueled years, he transitioned into the role of creative director where he was recognized for his dedication, availability and authenticity. His creative print and electronic work has consistently earned the respect of his peers and garnered close to forty awards, each of which competes for a prime spot next to the window in his office.

Donald was a finalist at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and a jury member for advertising award shows including the CRÉAS and the Cresta International Advertising Awards. True to his nature, Donald’s unwavering generosity is as valuable as his talent; going above and beyond to assist coworkers and consistently exceeding client expectations. A strategic and meticulous collaborator, his infectious laugh—some would even argue unbeatable—can often be heard throughout the office!