Effort counts.
Results count more.

At 30&1, we don’t believe in half measures or rampant excess. Instead, we believe you deserve customized, client-tailored solutions designed for success and delivered through service that fits you like a glove. We follow through on this belief by carefully assembling the right team for your specific business needs—the right person, skill set and expertise—to guide you in your decisions and help elevate your brand.


Positioning, brand analysis, competitive analysis, consumer behaviour analysis, interactive marketing and social media... every aspect is carefully considered to help your business achieve its goals and to create a unique brand experience in a constantly changing environment.


Our creative team is never short on ideas for telling your brand story in a compelling way that engages consumers and captures their interest. On-line, on-air, or at point of sale, we’ll guide you along the right path(s) so you can reach the right customers at the right time.


In marketing, it’s the “look & feel” that makes all the difference. Your brand image plays a key role in your company’s success. To help you get there, we focus our efforts on enhancing all your communications tools and fine-tuning every last detail, from logo design to overall visual identity.

Media Tactics

Having worked in agencies and in-house on the client side, our team’s dual expertise provides you with a unique 360 vision of the media landscape that’s perfectly adapted to your marketing objectives. Our experts guide you along the way to maximize your online presence across various platforms used by your customers and to create new business opportunities.

Experiential Marketing

Today's consumers expect so much more from a brand than just finding it in store. They want to live it. At 30&1, we deploy all the necessary tools to differentiate you from your competitors and to engage your customers, either by generating customized contact opportunities or by creating unique interaction experiences with your brand.

Public Relations

Your brand’s reputation has a lot to do with how well you communicate the good, and how effectively you manage the bad. To that end, 30&1 should be viewed as a nimble, fast-response extension of your internal communications service. Our experts are here to support you in all your communications needs: media relations, press releases (writing and design), product launches, and analysis of media spinoff.